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ISIL Posts Video of Beheading Second US Reporter Lebanon Fails Again to Elect New President Iran Optimistic about Reaching Nuclear Deal: Araqchi Libya: Rival Government List Presented India’s PM Seeks in Tokyo to Attract Japanese Investors Dissident Bahraini Officer Threatens Saudi after It Arrested ISIL Network Saud al-Faisal Tells Russia: We no Longer Want to Overthrow the Regime in Syria Ex-Israeli Army Chief Faces Accusations on ’Harpaz Affair’ Castro Compares NATO to Nazi SS, Slams US, ’Israel’ for Creating ISIL Relatives of Soldiers Abducted by ISIL Protest at Iraqi Parliament No American Arms for Lebanon until Civil Rights for Palestinians Saudi Arabia Detains 88 ISIL Terrorists Iran Unveils New Home-Made Radar Systems Israelis Free Hamas MP, Former Minister Ansarullah Rejects President’s Suggestion: "Does Not Satisfy People’s Demands"
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Cease-fire agreement in Gaza:
A victory for the resistance and the Palestinian people
No winners or losers
An Israeli gain
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Lebanon Fails Again to Elect New President
Israeli Unit Maneuvers in Occupied Golan, Levels Land in Shabaa Farms
Hezbollah: Israeli Project in WB Judaization, Only Resistance Can Deter It
Five Freed Lebanese Soldiers Reunited with Families
Released Lebanese Soldiers Stress Comrade-in-Arms Ali al-Sayyed ’Alive’
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